communi-tea building one cup at a time

Tucked in amongst a construction site in a rapidly developing suburb of Pune, you’ll find an interesting collection of people gathered. IT professionals, mechanics, builders, taxi drivers, teachers, parents, children, and grandparents too. People of various faiths. People from all walks of life. And at the heart of this group is a hardworking, cheerful, incredibly … More communi-tea building one cup at a time

renewed enthusiasm

Remember those mornings when you wake up with a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness for the day to unfold? Perhaps it’s the day you embark on travels? Christmas morning? The day you are reunited with a close friend or family member after a very long time? Those are the days that we often jump out … More renewed enthusiasm

initial impressions

You’ve probably had this experience whilst travelling or being in a new place. In amidst changing scenes, there is no routine, no banality, no boredom. There is no living life in auto-pilot mode. Everything, even the simplest of things, becomes an adventure in itself- be it visiting a foreign supermarket to pick up groceries or … More initial impressions