turmeric, teachers & travel

Our team spent the last two and a half weeks weeks travelling through a few cities on a bonding retreat/learning pilgrimage.  We adventured through the states of Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra, meeting partner organisations, spending time with teachers, students, advisors and with each other, getting set to hit the ground running! Rather than use too many words, I thought I’d share a few pictures to give you an essence of some of the learnings and experiences.

Lemon, honey and ginger + lots of pranayama + turmeric milk is the best cure for a cold, cough and sore throat. Speaking of turmeric milk, turmeric powder has incredible medicinal properties- including being very effective at clotting blood!


Sleeper busses are wonderful! Spacious, clean and a quick ride (compared to trains). Definitely a great way to get around India!


There is a 1000 year old magnificent fort, Golcunda, overlooking Hyderabad city. If you clap your hand once at the center of the dome at the entrance, an echo can be heard at the highest point of the pavilion almost a kilometer away. This was used to warn royals of attacks in the past.


Teachers work insanely hard. We really enjoyed spending time and being inspired some of the awesome Teach for India Fellows in Hyderabad. After long workshops and meetings, they would return home to spend hours marking, preparing, assessing. As a student, I never realised or appreciated how hard being a teacher is!


Each city has it’s own surprises- Hyderabad city is dotted with butterflies!


Music is such a powerful tool to connect people, stir the soul and bring such joy. Had the chance to listen to beautiful live bhajans at Brindavan in Whitefield!


Every suburb in Bangalore has a park. Despite ridiculous amounts of pollution, this city has patches of green everywhere!


Our friend and colleague is the South African cricketer AB de Villiers!!!

…okay, so his name is actually Odi, but he definitely resembles AB, and it’s not tough to convince Indians that he is AB himself!


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