renewed enthusiasm

Remember those mornings when you wake up with a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness for the day to unfold? Perhaps it’s the day you embark on travels? Christmas morning? The day you are reunited with a close friend or family member after a very long time? Those are the days that we often jump out of bed- or perhaps just lay there, for a few more moments, feeling a sense of gratitude.

After a very long time, that very enthusiasm returned as I awoke every morning for ‘work’ this week. So much so, that when it came to Friday, our team decided that we’d meet on Saturday, and again on Sunday, to keep the conversations going, to keep learning about each other, and the movement that we had just joined.

Over the past week, my team members have arrived from around the world, the US, South Africa and other parts of India to kick off the next phase of our work. It’s been incredible diving in and and I’m excited to share more about the organisation’s audacious vision to improve the state of our world- and how it’s going about this through better world education, in a future post.

The team! In typical Indian fashion, 5 people in the back seat of the car!
The team, in typical Indian fashion, with 5 people in the back seat of the car!

So what’s made work not feel like ‘work’ this week? What’s helped facilitate this enthusiasm? Upon reflection I feel it boils down to a few things for me:

  1. Being a part of a mission greater than oneself. One that stirs the soul and moves the heart. Mike Horn, once told me, ‘if your dreams don’t scare you, you are not dreaming big enough’. Definitely feeling this way now!
  2. Experiencing a sense of empowerment, having a role to play, feeling part of the solution
  3. Being pushed and challenged everyday- unconscious beliefs are becoming conscious, numerous assumptions have taken a shaking, and my worldview has been in constant flux. It’s helped immensely to be around people who ask, tough and great questions.
  4. Being very intentional about everything. Understanding deeply why we make any, and every choice. Rethinking status quo.

I feel extremely grateful. Many of us have passions in life, opportunities we wish to seek, but may not always have the freedom or ability to pursue these, at least in a full time capacity. For a very long time, the work I loved most, was saved for weekends and nights. I feel fortunate to be able to dive into this work day in day out.

I am also inspired by the ever growing number of people determined to realise their purpose and passions. Choosing to take risks, be bold and follow the path less walked. Realising one’s Personal Legend as Paulo Coelho calls it, or one’s Swadharma, or taking the path of ‘must rather than should’ as Elle Luna beautifully encapsulates in this article (definitely have a read!)

It can feel scary, ambiguous, uncomfortable, challenging; but isn’t that all the more reason to pursue it?


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