initial impressions

You’ve probably had this experience whilst travelling or being in a new place. In amidst changing scenes, there is no routine, no banality, no boredom. There is no living life in auto-pilot mode. Everything, even the simplest of things, becomes an adventure in itself- be it visiting a foreign supermarket to pick up groceries or even attempting to use a squatting toilet! Each day is filled with numerous moments of awe, wonder and excitement. That’s been this first week in India.

I’ve really enjoyed being outside the comfort and familiarity of New Zealand and just taking in all that India has to offer. The chaos and vibrancy of the streets,  travelling on rickshaws with no sense for road rules, attempting to speak and understand Marathi and Hindi, the heat and cooling monsoon rains, and being around such a diversity of people (street kids, students, workers, beggars, locals and foreigners!). And of course, I have literally loved taking in all the amazing food- roadside chaat, paneer bhatura (who even knew paneer bhatura existed?!) and I cannot forget the countless mangoes.

where to even begin?!
my cousin and I feasting on mangoes!









Perhaps it’s the honeymoon period, where everything is exciting and new- but as I settle in, as some routine does enter my life, as these streets become more familiar, I hope to maintain this renewed sense of curiosity, excitement and wonder for this crazy land.

Jason Silva, captures the sentiment of awe, beautifully is this video below. It’s just 2 mins long, have a watch!


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