the adventure begins

I’m sitting on the plane as I kick of this blog. In a couple of hours, we will touch down in Mumbai and the adventure begins! I’m filled with many emotions, a huge sense of excitement, anticipation and a definitely some nervousness too! Whilst being Indian by ethnicity and having visited this land numerous times, living here will be a first.

It’s a beautiful and strange place of extremes. Spiritual and religious fervour alongside materialistic pursuits. Extreme poverty alongside ravish wealth. Celebration and festivities alongside suffering and exploitation. A land built on principles of non-violence and truth yet filled with bribery and corruption. Stunning mountains and lush jungle alongside polluted streets and slums. India is truly a land like none other and I am looking forward to the learnings that await!

I hope to use this platform as a way to capture and share experiences and insights of life living and working here in India. Stay connected, come visit and thank you for sharing in the journey!

Namaste, and welcome!
Namaste, and welcome!

Pictured, is a beautiful villager from Kalimpong in Northern India, taken in 2012.


3 thoughts on “the adventure begins

  1. What is the plan of attack? Where are you staying and what is your role? Look forward to hearing about your adventures. Aunty KT


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