renewed enthusiasm

Remember those mornings when you wake up with a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness for the day to unfold? Perhaps it’s the day you embark on travels? Christmas morning? The day you are reunited with a close friend or family member after a very long time? Those are the days that we often jump out … More renewed enthusiasm

initial impressions

You’ve probably had this experience whilst travelling or being in a new place. In amidst changing scenes, there is no routine, no banality, no boredom. There is no living life in auto-pilot mode. Everything, even the simplest of things, becomes an adventure in itself- be it visiting a foreign supermarket to pick up groceries or … More initial impressions

the adventure begins

I’m sitting on the plane as I kick of this blog. In a couple of hours, we will touch down in Mumbai and the adventure begins! I’m filled with many emotions, a huge sense of excitement, anticipation and a definitely some nervousness too! Whilst being Indian by ethnicity and having visited this land numerous times, … More the adventure begins